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So you've been out on the field today and your pocket is bulging with the goodies you found, there's a few bits of lead, a couple of musket balls, one that's pretty large in fact, a lovely small buckle, it looked old, maybe even medieval, six or seven shotgun cartridge bottoms, including one of the old style with the pin sticking out of its edge, three coins, one George the III, one Victoria and another one you can't make your mind up whether it Charles or a William, three ring pulls, four buttons, one with a lion on, a livery button and finally that annoying bit of silver foil that always pops up right in the middle of the field where its least expected.
Just then you remember that special find, the one you delicately placed in your special finds tin, the special tin that you lined out with tissue to avoid objects placed inside it from being scratched and banged about, that lovely hammered coin.

So you get small bucket out and your old soft tooth brush, the one your missus was about to throw out, you add a little bit of washing up liquid give it a stir and then start cleaning. After ten, fifteen minutes you've completed that job and its time to get your pile of detecting books and magazines from you hidey hole and steadily, gingerly start thumbing, sifting, and scouring through the pages looking for a picture that resembles your find.

Sounds familiar doesn't it, we all do it, maybe not in the exact same order but we all like to id our detector finds, don't we.


Typical Finds From The Field
Our aim at detector finds is to is to share our knowledge and experience of metal detecing with you, to make your day out that little bit better, young or old, novice or expert.

We have also included a finds library, pictures of our finds, why not take a leisurley browse through it, you might be saying, "I've got one of them!"


Medieval Gold Coin

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Beginners Start Here

Beginners Start Here

I'm a beginner, this is all new, what do I need, How much shall I spend, where can I go, what do I do next....

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All detectorists should follow a code of conduct whether it be this one or the ones provided by NCMD / FID / PAS / Your Club, you take your pick. Land owners then know you have sound base of principles, practises and values and this could be the edge that gets you the permission.