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Displaying Your Finds

We found a lovely box you can purchase as flat pack, build, paint or varnish for approx. £14.00 from any IKEA store. As you can see, the box has 3 pull out drawers, each drawer measures 33cm wide x 25cm long x 7cm high.

you will need some packing sponge next, cut it to fit the inside of the box, the packaging sponge shown here is from computer boxes and it has dimples set in it, the dimples make excellent positions for placing finds and stops them from rolling around.

Finally, the finished product with finds in place. Smashing in it.

Storing Your Finds

Another box also available from any IKEA store that you can purchase as flat pack, build, paint or varnish for approx. £14.00.

This box has nine drawers measuring 11cm wide x 25cm long x 7cm high.

Polden Hill Style Roman Brooch...

Polden Hill Style Roman Brooch

Column Two

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