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Civic Heraldry of England & Wales

Detector Finds - Civic Heraldry of England & Wales

Information about the coats of arms of local authorities in England and Wales both contemporary and obsolete, presented to you by Robert Young



Presented to you by Centre for Metropolitan History, Institute of Historical Research.

Old Maps

Detector Finds - Old-maps

Providing access to Britain's most extensive digital historical map archive. Find out where your ancestors used to live or check out what your neighbourhood looked like over a hundred years ago. Presented to you by Ordnance Survey and LandMARK

British coins and collecting accessories

Detector Finds - - Everything for the collector.

Presented to you by Chris Perkins.

Chris's site is like finding a hammered coin in the middle of a baron field, absolutely fabulous, buy coins, coin books, coin collecting accessories, Including coin trays, coin albums, Individual coin capsules and coin envelope. Storage cases, digital bullion scales and more...

Dont forget to checkout the complete history of British Coinage in 12 parts. By Ken Elks. Covers Celtic to Decimalisation with lots of pictures. Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Norman, Tudor, Stuart and Commonwealth, Early milled, Later Milled, Provincial tokens, Great re coinage, Decimal, Scottish (to 1706)... >>Click Here<<

The Portable Antiquities Scheme

Detector Finds - The Portable Antiquities Scheme

The Portable Antiquities Scheme, is a voluntary recording scheme for archaeological objects found by members of the public.

Find your nearest FLO >>Click Here<<

National Council for Metal Detecting

Detector Finds - NCMD

NCMD, organised for clubs, although there is a category for individual membership.

Federation of Independant Detectorists

Detector Finds - Federation of Independent Detectorists OLD FID SITE

F.I.D, has been organised primarily for the individual Detectorist who are not members of clubs.

Treasure Hunting Magazine

Detector Finds - Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting, this exciting monthly magazine is packed with information and useful features to help you get the most out of the fascinating hobby of metal detecting.


Detector Finds - WildWinds

WildWinds, an online reference, attribution & valuation site for ancient Greek, Roman & Byzantine coins.


Detector Finds - Spink

Spink, have you found that elusive hoard or a rare gold coin and been allowed to keep them, then a trip to Spink just may be the order of the day...

The Searcher Magazine

Detector Finds - The Searcher

The Searcher, a stimulating monthly magazine which is crammed full every month with: Identification, news and views, collections, detailed articles about your finds, field tests and book reviews. And much more every month!


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