Who Are We?

There's Nick, Tony, Rob, Pete, and Kev, you may know us, you may not. We just love going out metal detecting (although our wife's may suggest we are a bunch of anoraks and we may as well take up train spotting as well !!!, what's wrong with train spotting???) . Anyway, to continue, we are not associated with any clubs, partly due to the problem of long waiting lists but that doesn't bother us too much as we have acquired lots of land over the years in our native area of Nottinghamshire, sometimes I think too much, but then again I don't think you could ever have too much, unless they all became ready at the same time and then you'd be stuffed.

How long have we been detecting you may ask, we all have a number of years experience behind us now but Nick and Rob have the most. Our find rate varies from field to field due to their varied compositions and of course the detectors we use on them but on the whole quite impressive over this time, I myself having located 13 hammered coins in my first year.

We occasionally attend the odd rally or two every year, sometimes we wonder why??, think about it for a minute, 300 acres of fields and hundreds of keen detectorists tripping over each other for pole position waiting for the off, hundreds of powered up coils chattering away like a little budgie in a cage, it can do your head in, really, but we do the rallies as they sometimes benefit good causes, its also chance to meet other detectorist and exchange the odd story or two, and to top it off you get a day out somewhere different.

What Are We Trying To Do?

Showing off I hear someone say, but if we don't blow our own trumpet nobody else will.

Being serious for a moment, I would'nt like people visiting this site thinking that we are actually showing off (but everybody can have their own opinions and points of view on that) but think of it as a bunch of lads out enjoying themselves and wanting to share their metal detecting finds, experiences, and hopefully knowledge of all the aspects that are associated with this fantastic hobby of metal detecting.

If you like our site, keep coming back, tell others about it but if You don't like it then tell us, and we will do our best (if its in our power to do so) to put it right.

Feed the birds...

Roman or Medieval bird feeder

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