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Detectorist & Landowner Agreement

Its always better to have an agreement between you and the landowner/occupier when detecting on their site just in case you find that dream 't of hoard or rare artifact, it avoids any misunderstandings over items that may be found of value and sets out a 50/50 share. With this in mind Detector Finds have produced a permission and finds agreement for you to download, just click one of the following links

>>Agreement.doc Word document<<
>>Agreement.txt Text document<<

Understanding the Minelab Explorer

Got yourself an Explorer but just can't get your head around it 100%?, mmm, well before go and do something daft like chucking it on Ebay, download this document - Understanding the Minelab Explorer. Top smart hints and tips for the Explorer from Desmond Dunne and Hans Vogels. Reproduced by kind permission of Des Dunne, Previously technical field support, Minelab International.

>>Understanding the Minelab Explorer.doc<<

Effective Search Technique

Ever wonder why some people have more finds than you no matter where you go, are they lucky, have they got a better machine...? Read on. Detector Finds have have done it again and produced a new document for you to download, just click the following link.

>>Effective Search Technique.doc<<

Notts Miners Badge Clover Leaf...

Notts Miners Badge - Clover Leaf

Column Two

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