Metal Detecting Code of Conduct

1. Never trespass. Seek permission from the landowner before detecting on any land.

2. Follow the Country Code. Shut all gates behind you, do not damage crops and do not scare any animals.

3. After digging your holes, don't leave a mess or any unstable ground whether in a ploughed field, pasture, park or on the beach. It is quite easy to extract the item you have located, refill the hole and firm the ground afterwards.

4. If you locate live ammunition, bombs, mines or chemicals, do not carry on digging, leave the item where it is, mark the spot carefully so It can be found later and inform the Police and the landowner.

5. Care for the environment, keep Britain tidy, never leave junk on your sites.

6. Report all historical and unusual finds to the landowner.

7. It is illegal to metal detect on protected areas such as "Scheduled Sites" or "Ministry of Defense property" without the appropriate license or permission.

8. Learn the definition of "Treasure", make sure you understand your responsibilities. Read the Treasure Act 1996.

9. Make and sign a written agreement with the landowner about sharing finds, this will help to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

10. Never miss the oppurtunity to discuss and promote the hobby to anyone that may be interested.

11. Go out and enjoy yourself.

Lead Token - Stag...

Lead Token - Stag

Column Two

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